Willows, CA Glass Contractor

Willows Glass, located in Willows, CA, provides professional glass services for buildings, vehicles and more. We are a family owned and operated business that provides you with quality and prompt glass repair and installation services at affordable prices. Call us today.

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  • Install All Auto Glass
  • Tractor Glass
  • Install Door Motor & Regulators
  • Perform Rock Chip Repair

      • Install Commercial Glass
      • Windows & Doors
      • Desktop & Showcase Glass
      • Glass Shelves
      • Interior Doors & Windows

          Shower & Tubs-

          • Heavy Glass Enclosures
          • Neo Angled & Right Angled Enclosures
          • Tub Enclosures
          • Custom Finishes

          Custom Windows & Doors:

          • Wood
          • Vinyl
          • Fiber Glass
          • Aluminum
          • New Windows
          • Screens
          • Solar Screens
          • Pet Screens and Rescreens
          • Screen Doors
          • Security & Storm Doors
          • Pet doors & Pet Guards
          • Bathroom Decorative Mirrors
          • Wardrobe Doors
          • Picture Frame Glass
          • Table Top Glass.

          General Contractor - Do you have a window where you would like a door? Would you like French doors? Willows Glass is unique in its services, we have our General Contractor License! No need to hire a contractor, Willows Glass can handle all your construction needs whether new construction or a remodel. We have over 35 years' experience!

        New Windows

        New windows are energy efficient, lowering your heating and cooling costs, and making your home more comfortable.

        New windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs allowing you to express your individual style.


        We feature Milgard Windows which come with a lifetime warranty.

        Energy Packages

        All Windows come standard with SunCoat Low-E Glass with options to even more reduce your energy costs and reduces harmful UV rays that fade your carpet and furniture, while protecting your home from excessive temperatures. Ask us for the best way to give you the most energy efficient home.

        Available Frame Types

        Casement Windows are hinged on one side and open outward, offering excellent ventilation and unobstructed views due to it having no center rail.

        Double Hung Windows both the top and bottom sashes open for ventilation. The sashes tilt inward making cleaning of the exterior side of the window safe and easy.

        Glider Windows open horizontally which is perfect for kitchen counters and sinks.

        Radius Windows are a great way to create a unique focal point.

        Picture Windows offer unobstructed views and add to the elegance of any home.

        Awning Windows are hinged at the top and open outward. This style protects the opening and allow you to keep the window open even when it rains.

        Glass Options

        • Insulated Glass-sealed dual-paned insulated glass units to help insulate your home.
        • Obscure Glass-comes in many styles, this glass protects your privacy while allowing you to choose the amount of privacy and allowing light to come through easily.
        • Tinted Glass-This glass provides additional protection from the sun's heat while adding to your privacy.
        • Tempered Glass-This is safety glass used for reducing injury if the glass should break. This glass is used in areas near entry doors, bathrooms or where windows are close to floor level.
        • Laminated Glass-This glass works to reduce outside noise pollution.
        • Argon Gas-This optional feature improves the thermal protection of your windows and helps with noise reduction.

        Milgard Standards

        • Milgard offers a range of window grids to choose from that will add personality and style to your windows.
        • Their standards meets and exceeds the toughest forced entry codes in the nation.
        • Milgard Vinyl Patio Doors can be customized for your specific needs with an array of glass and grid options.
        • MilgardWoodclad Windows and Doors offer the durability of a fiberglass frame and the warmth of a clear, vertical-grain Douglas fir or rich Mahogany on the interior. This high quality style can be found in upscale homes and resorts.
        • Milgard Ultra Series is a combination of the strength and stability of fiberglass and the look of a warm wood frame.
        • Milgards applies paint using the latest advances in powder coat finishing technology. This powder coat is tougher than conventional finishes providing increased protection against fading, chipping and scrapes.
        • Milgard Aluminum Windows and Doors offer light commercial rating, ideal for use in commercial buildings. They offer a stainless steel hardware system that is resistant to corrosion and their sealed, mechanically-joined corners stay in place for years, keeping the moisture out of your home.
        • Perfect for window replacement, Milgard Aluminum Windows offer their Z-Bar line. This will allow the window to be replaced while not having to remove the old window system.

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